ChainFlow CRM

Client Colin Boiten
Year 2019 - ongoing
Period of time 4+ years
Services Custom development from scratch , Support ,
Technologies Javascript , Laravel , php ,

About the project


Keramia is organizing logistics for facility development, they provide building materials for roof and wall construction with a tense delivery schedule. They organize their own projects and offer this activity as a service for their clients too.


The business goal was to ensure that the construction process is smooth and logistics is well organized and cost-efficient. Our main challenge was to get to know the detailed process of a construction project to provide an appropriate solution for that. As this presented a huge challenge for Keramia as well, the development was divided into several main iterations and also contained periods of refactoring our code based on the newly emerged requirements.


We used Laravel php framework for the back-end and developed the front-end with native javascript.

The business intelligence built in the system ensures that the successive processes are completed and the required documents are generated and filled-in with appropriate information to allow professionals to track the project status.

For the easy handling of the nearly 9.000 products and materials we use data tables in javascript that allows users to overview and search the company stocks.

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