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Have in-house IT systems and no-one can support it in your company? You need new functionalities but developers are covered with new tasks? Tired of your development company who cannot respond in time?

Evista can take care of your project or system, our experts analyze it and present you the best technology solutions to keep your systems and infrastructure up and running.

Evista preserve your system and knowledge: legacy projects often rely on outdated technologies and may lack proper documentation. By taking over your projects, you can preserve and capture critical knowledge that might otherwise be lost. This knowledge transfer enables smoother maintenance, support, and future enhancements.

Save time: when your project is transferred to Evista it allows you to get new features, updates, or enhancements in time. Instead of starting from scratch, our development team can build upon the existing foundation, saving valuable time in development, testing, and deployment.

Less risk and more business continuity: if you charge Evista on your project you can get rid of the risks associated with unproven technology or system failures. We can assess the existing project’s performance, identify weaknesses, and implement necessary improvements or upgrades to ensure stability, reliability and security in order to ensure continuity and uninterrupted operation of your IT systems.

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Success Stories

It’s about a year ago that we started a complex sofrtware development project with Evista. During that period they treated our requests with flexibility and professionalism and they delivered the end-product in a quick and efficient way. Their workflow is transparent and they are a good team to work with, we are glad to cooperate with them on a long term.

Borbála Surányi
CEO, Verdom Kft.

Our main activity is sole-diagnostics and that requires a custom-made software. We needed a software solution for internal use where we can manage our diagnostic devices, the data recorded at our several hundreds of diagnostic points and the received orders. We started our cooperation with Evista back in 2016 and I can recommend them based on our experience with them. Evista team is professionally prepared, they deliver in good quality, it’s a joy to work with them.

Ildikó Honvéd
CEO, Podiart Kft.

When we selected eVista for revamping our mobile application portfolio, they were shortlisted from a selection of 10+ Hungarian companies based on many criteria. Evista indeed had the expertise in the mobile development domain that we needed to create our bespoke mobile applications. They were responsive and quick to react. Their fees were competitive and their prioritisation amongst their clients was reasonable. I recommend e-Vista for mobile application development projects.

Domonkos Nagy
Senior Manager, AVS Operations, Cae HealthCare Kft.

After an in-depth analysis we selected Evista in 2020 for the renewal of our postal consignment registry system. Indotek Group aimed to find a partner to support the existing system and renew it based on our new requirements. From our very first meeting Evista attested a very flexible and open-minded approach. Not just they developed the new system but they  also assisted us with video trainings and conferences. Due to their proactivity the development process completed efficiently and we hope to continue this cooperation between our companies.

Dániel Silling
CTO, Indotek Group

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